Ink Minx gift voucher plus Aftercare kit

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The perfect combination, everything required for the gift that lasts forever, an Ink Minx gift voucher plus a “Yer Maws” Aftercare Kit!

Yer Maw's Tattoo Aftercare kit comes in this funky, recyclable, custom made pillow box containing all your aftercare needs! 

1 x 8g tub of Yer Maws Tattoo Butter
1x 10g bar of unperfumed soap
1x cartoon strip of aftercare instructions 
1x sticker
3 x granny sooker sweeties

Yer Maws Tattoo Butter, is our ver own brand of quality Tattoo Aftercare! Handmade in small batches, right here in Montrose by Artesan Crafts, it’s now finding wee outlets all over the country and beyond!
“It’s packed full of extracts and essential oils that are reputed to be anti-inflammatory and calming to the skin and with a fragrance that’s calming to the senses. 
It’s 100% natural, Vegan friendly, petroleum and plastic free and all packaging is 100% recyclable, so looks after Maw Nature too!”

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