"Looks After Yer Tatts, Jist Like Yer Maw Wid!"

These thoughtful wee pillow boxes contain everything you need for your new tattoo! purchase before you get inked and those Granny Sooker Sweeties will see you through the nippy bits! It also contains a wee bar of the purest unperfumed soap, just big enough to last through the healing process, so it's not sitting around too long! Then of course, there's a wee tub of Yer Maw's Tattoo Butter, a little goes a long way but extra tubs can be purchased for very large coverage. There's also a wee cartoon strip, in broad Scottish! but don't worry, there is an English translation on the back! these are simple instructions to keep you right with your aftercare. You'll also find a wee sticker, just because, everyone loves a sticker!

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